Beauty line, by Dries Van Noten (2022)
The brand's first refillable beauty collection
8 fragrance bottles with bases in noble materials (ceramic, wood, metal)
The lipsticks are decorated with various effects depending: a malachite print combined with a black and red PU coating, for example, or a blue and white porcelain print base juxtaposed with an orange cap


Muguet edition, by Guerlain (2022)
For celebrating May Day, the brand teams up with Atelier Truscelli, the Parisian jeweler created a crystal-studded adornment for Pochet du Courval’s iconic bee bottle.
Guerlain teamed up with Kyoko Création for Cherry Blossom 2022


L’Opera Grandiosa, by Bulgari (2021)
A Murano glass flacon adorned with gold and colored gemstones
The mouth-blown flacon is crafted using the sbruffo technique: several layers of glass with different shades and degrees of translucency combine to create the amethyst-colored bottle that evokes Bulgari’s jewelry creations.
The €50,000 creation was unveiled for the reopening of Parisian department store La Samaritaine – also owned by LVMH – late last year.